Increase the Flexibility of Your Business Services with BNC API

BNC API provides a solution for ease and convenience in integrating the best banking products and services from Bank Neo Commerce into business platforms and applications in real time.

Make your business one step closer

For Enterprise

Connect BNC API for your company's financial needs 

BNC API provides convenience in quickly and accurately knowing your business cash flow

Corporate Account
Inquiry API

Comprehensive cash flow information facility for your business activities

Corporate Account
Transfer API

Fund transfer feature to meet

business needs can be done conveniently and quickly


Easily integrate electronic payment systems into your application quickly and securely

For Your Business

Deliver optimal transaction services to your customers through BNC API

BNC API provides many conveniences to enhance the benefits for your customers through the financial services we offer

Opening API

Provide convenience for customers

to open BNC accounts automatically, quickly, and securely through your application

Inquiry API

Enhance your service by easily integrating your customers' balance information and account history

Transfer API


Seamless and limitless interbank

transfer facility

Debit Payment API

Payment feature that connects

your application with all BNC

payment methods

Loan Chanelling API

Provide fast and secure access

to loans for your customers

Direct Debit API

Payment feature that connects your application with BNC debit cards

Disbursement API


BNC's integrated disbursement API

with stringent security systems allows

your customers to send large amounts of funds quickly

Virtual Account API


Make it easy for customers to make transaction with virtual accounts without leaving your application

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