• Benemica provides innovative and cloud-based payroll and human resource management solutions, designed through comprehensive analysis of over 100 companies from various industries and business types
  • Benemica is a trusted partner in business process outsourcing (BPO) services, especially in managing corporate functions.

  • With a focus on transformation and continuous improvement, Benemica offers strong technical expertise and specialized knowledge to provide customized corporate solutions across various industries.

  • Partnering with Benemica empowers Bank Neo Commerce customers to optimize their corporate functions, improve operational efficiency, and explore growth opportunities in their respective industries.

3 Easy Payroll Processes:

1. Check

  • Automatic summarization of attendance, overtime, leave/holidays, and claims/reimbursements through Benemica's 5-in-1 Employee Self-Service (ESS).
  • Management of employee records (new hires, resignations/terminations, transfers, and promotions/demotions).

2. Calculate

  • Calculate payroll and all required remunerations. Automatically calculate income taxes (PPh 21 and PPh 26).
  • Automate payment instructions through Bank Neo Commerce.
  • Reporting for BPJS and Income Tax.
  • Payroll journal entries.

3. Pay

  • Disburse salaries and other financial transactions through Bank Neo Commerce payroll account capabilities (from manual preparation to automatic).

Terms and Conditions:
Minimum of 30 employees for CIB account opening and BNC payroll, get free support for up to 12 months of Benemica subscription."






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