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Neo WISH Saving

Make your dreams come true with term savings account.

Where there is a will, there is a way


Neo Wish is a term savings account with an adjustable deposit and tenor according to customer preferences. Neo Wish offers above-average interest rates, various tenor options, and an auto-debit system that makes it easier for customers to save and reach their dreams.

Competitive 5,5% per annum interest rates

Auto-debit feature

Flexible withdrawals without penalty


Provides a range of tenor options


Neo WISH Features and Fees

DescriptionNeo Wish
Time Period (Tenor)

Daily Auto-debit:

  • Minimum 3 days
  • Maximum 7 days

 Weekly Auto-debit:

  • Minimum 3 weeks 
  • Maximum 24 weeks

Monthly Auto-debit:

  • Minimum 3 months 
  • Maximum 24 months 
Interest Rate5,5% p.a (per annum): per year
Interest Payment Method

The interest earned on NeoWISH is paid daily into the Neo Wish account.


Debit Card: Not available

Autodebit: Available

Account Admin Fee


Auto Debet Fee

Penalty Break 

Not Available

Closing fee at the maturity date


Make a Wish Come True via 
Neo Wish

Step 1

Open the neobank app and select “More.”

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Product Info
Usage Guidelines
Terms & Conditions