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Swift and Convenient Cashless Transactions

Scan, Pay, Done! Convenient Transactions with QRIS

QRIS is a QR-based payment method officially launched by Bank Indonesia. QRIS makes it easy for customers to make payments to all merchants connected within the QRIS network.

Accepted at All QRIS Merchants

All merchants connected to the QRIS network accept QRIS payments. 

Free of Transaction Fees

Transactions using the QRIS feature are exempt from any transaction fees. You can make payments through QRIS without incurring additional charges.

No Need to Top-Up

The funds will be directly deducted from your savings account balance after you confirm the payment with your transaction PIN. There's no need to top-up or reload funds separately.

Easy to Use

QRIS makes it easy for customers to use the payment service. Here are simple steps to use QRIS through the neobank app: Login to the Neobank App, find the QRIS icon, scan QRIS at the merchant.


Making Payments Using QRIS

Step 1

Open the neobank app then select the “Scan QR.”





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Product Info
Usage Guidelines