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Come on, become a part of the neobank community. Complete various exciting missions, collect points, and exchange them for enticing rewards.


RewardTotal Point
Voucher Alfamart/Indomaret1.500 point
Coffee Maker Advance2.500 point
Gabor Panci Listrik3.000 point
Cosmor Blender3.500 point
Boya Video Mic4.500 point
Baseus TWS5.500 point
Setrika Uap6.000 point
Air Fryer Gaboor7.000 point
Kompor induksi media8.000 point
Mixer Philips10.000 point
Chopper Mitochiba12.000 point
Mibro Smartwatch A115.000 point
Android Proyektor TV17.000 point
Samsung Soundbar B55020.000 point
Samsung Galaxy Tab A725.000 point
Redmi 10 C28.000 point
Samsung A14 128 GB32.000 point


The NEOBANK COMMUNITY consists of 3 categories of groups:

  • Loyal Users - A group dedicated to those who are diligent and active in transactions using neobank.
  • Member Get Member - For those who are diligent in inviting friends or people around you to join as new neobank customers.
  • Content Creators - For those who are active on social media and diligent in creating content.


How to join:

  1. Click the link in the Instagram bio @bankneocommerce.
  2. Select the neobank community registration form, or click this link, Registration Form
  3. Fill in personal information.
  4. Select a community group according to the category.
  5. Review terms and conditions.
  6. You will be contacted by an admin through WhatsApp.
  7. Sign the consent form before joining.
  8. Officially join and participate in every activity within the neobank community





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